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Sunday, 13 June 2010

13/06 Last Weeks Receipts

These programmes have paid me since the last update:
High Yield Club, Funds Wide, WBWSO, Crusader Fund,

Sunday, 6 June 2010

06/06 Last Weeks Receipts

These programmes have paid me since the last update:
ADV4U, High Yield Club, Funds Wide, Staunch Finances, Crusader Fund, WBWSO,

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Saturday, 15 May 2010

15/05 Todays Paying Programmes & Updates

Trident Ventures have just announced their closure:
Dear privateinfo,

 It saddens me greatly to send out this email, but unlike what some other people have been shouting already on the forums, I do not intend on scamming anyone, and never did. In the past couple of days I have been away due to very personal reasons and I would have thought that after 43 days of running a legitimate and constantly paying investment program, then there would be a certain level of trust between us. I mean due to Investors wishes, and getting close to $100,000 I decided to post the total Deposited, keeping these values hidden for most of the program’s life. But now I would like to show you the total amount of Withdrawals from 5 days ago and from this morning:

10/05/2010 : Total Withdrawn $99,756

And from this morning:
15/05/2010 : Total Withdrawn $133,435.44 

That is a total withdrawal of nearly $34,000 in 5 days!

For this matter TridentVenture will be going into liquidation, on the basis that there is not enough liquid capital to sustain withdrawals and maintain Trading. 
For this reason we shall be refunding our investors to the greatest capacity possible. Therefore we ask you to act orderly and not to report to payment processors because that will only lock accounts and make this process even harder and will only make less people receive refunds. 
This is not what I wished for trident venture, and I’m sure it is not what any one of you wished for either, although I would like to point out that for the past 3 weeks, TridentVenture has been the target of a massive DDOS and hacking attempt, and it's best for all if TridentVenture does the respectable thing, and starts refunding.

Therefore this will be my last email to you as admin of TridentVenture as I cordially retire from my position, and will be aiding the financing department in the processing of refunds. 

Till we have the pleasure to meet again,
Dear privateinfo,

The procedure to refund is going to be as follows:

1) Refunding shall begin when all assets are liquidated: this means that all external investments are being redrawn to the company accounts, which will take anywhere between 6hours to 3 days, seeing as its a saturday, and most transfers will be delayed till Monday

2) To be put on the refund list, you must send an email to
as a subject : your USER ID
as a body: a copy and paste of your current investments, including total amount that has been paid to you.

Nothing else should be included in the emails. Any email found in violation of this will be discarded immediately and without warning.

3) The list will be sorted as follows:
you will be alloted a number of points, depending on Number of Investments, Total Paid out, Support of TV, and any posts done on the major forum. once the list is compiled, then each person will be given an adequate ratio of the available funds.

4) In the case that any reports are filed with Payment Processors, then TridentVenture are then no longer reliable for refunds, and will be left to the adequate Payment Processor, thus we shall not be held liable for any losses that any investor might sustain due to this procedure. 

5)  TridentVenture will not respond to any form of BlackMailing or threating, as stated in the Terms & Conditions, we do not guarantee a profit, and cannot rule out a loss. These T&C have been digitally signed by you when creating your account, and therefore you have accepted this term. 

Thank you for you time.

Staunch Finances have sent out an update:
Dear members,

Sorry I didn't get this out last night, been busy here in the 'Shack' household. Anyway, I promised you 3 huge news on my last update to celebrate our first month anniversary online, I think it's about time to give you 2 of them. The other one I will keep as a surprise for now.

First up, as you may know, a lot of new high-ROI HYI programs are opening up right now. I would just like to remind you that it is ok to play with them as long as you know your limitations. I myself used to play them but I would never ever put in more than I can manage to lose. Learn to diversify and play the low-risk smart and play the high-risk games even smarter. With that said, in keeping up with the current fast-pace trend, starting May 21st (our anniversary), both high-ROI and low-ROI plans will go from 'business' days to 'calendar' days meaning, earnings will be paid everyday for 56 days. We are going to do this for two months or until the hype of high-ROIs dies down. I believe that in doing so, we became a little more competitive (but not crazily competitive) and our rates are still highly sustainable.

Secondly, I know many of you want something unique for a contest. Well, since I wanted something that would bring out the competitive spirit within all of you, I decided to come up with 'STAUNCH'S BEST OF THE BEST!' contest. The rules are simple, to find the best member in the many different categories that I can come up with.


There is a total of $1000 cash prizes allocated for this contest! The cash prize amount will be determined based on the professionalism of the entry. All winners will receive no less than $50 in cash prize and placed directly to the payment processor of his/her choice. Additional prize of course would be the honor and distinction of being one of the best.

I am telling you this now so you can plan ahead. The contest will end two weeks after our anniversary.

With that, I won't bore you anymore and end this update here. Wishing you all and your families a wonderful weekend ahead. Take care!


P.S. Continue posting your payment proofs at our different forums threads, it helps us tremendously! Thank you!

Rogerville have just completed their 1st round:
Hello Ian F. Cliffen 

I am so happy to announce that is really doing great because of your support. After the first day deposits have expired already, the members who got paid are redepositing and new members daily are depositing nice sums. It wouldn't have been this way if not for your support.

RogerVille is yours and it is my duty to only manage it so let us make this a greater program by continuing all the hard work. Thanks and give yourself a pat on the back (if you can reach it lol) for doing a great job.

The crucial first day expirations passed by successfully and I couldnt be happier with the results. Thanks guys!

Roger Miller

Here  is HYT Funds weekly newsletter:
Dear members,
As usually at the end of the week I'm happy to contact you and inform you about what we've been up to during the last week.

As you know we finally integrated, and the feedback from you is really positive, we had more than a hundred alertpay deposits by now. Other payment systems (SP,STP) will be there soon too.  We also have plans to accept credit cards directly. Besides we're working on making bank wire transfer payments daily, as you know we process wires once a week now.

Trading-wise we had another successful week. We capitalized really well on the last week market meltdown, and the effects of it were visible throughout this week, and our profits were well above average all days of the week. In current market conditions you can make really a lot of money, so we're really down to trading now. Our trading strategy allows us to gain maximum profits in such market conditions of high volatility. Many new opportunities for making profit arise. So if you are thinking when is the right time to invest with us or increase your investment I think the right time is now, we're going really strong at the moment.

Now I'll answer some recurring questions, I answered them already but I think it is useful to repeat if once again.
 You often ask can you refer several people from the same IP. Yes, we have no problem with that. But please do not abuse it: the users should have different payment and contact information.
Another question which is asked often is  "Can I upgrade my plan to the next plan?"  Please remember that we offer this feature to our promoters only. I think that our payouts are quite good for all our plans. So please use your balance to upgrade to the next plan or think about becoming our promoter :)

I wish you a great week-end!
Stay with us and let us make money together!

Aisa Wong,

The admin of Hydro Funds - Alzander has sent out the following update:
Dear Ian F. Cliffen,

Hydro-funds has been paying 25 days now as fast as i can. There comes a time that payouts just cant happens as fast as they have been. Mistakes are being made with double payments ect.

The time scale for LR payouts will need to be increased.
I shall still do my best to keep them coming as fast as i feel
that i can handle them.

Multiple requests to the same pp daily needs to be addressed.

If you have multiple upgrades via one pp please let all ur upgrades earn for that day then request.

You dont need to use all 3 withdrawals.

I know i allow 3 withdrawals daily but it was really for the members who use all 3 pp's to be fair all round.

Now if it continues in the manner it has over the last 3 days then 1 of 2 things will happen

#1 I will reduce the number of withdrawal ur allowed Or instead of payouts within 1 hour -12 hour time frame
It will resort in waiting the full 72 hours as stated in FAQ.

Think about it before you withdraw !!!!!!!!!!

Also withdrawals under $2.00 is making pament list huge . So as of now the min withdraw will be $2.00.

Dont worry if your upgrade expires and you dont have enough in ur account for the min withdraw either upgrade again or
send me a support mail and i will pay you and remove from your balance.

Hydro has a Alexa 81,752 and member base of 723 and thats down to you guys.

Lets all work together and grow together.


These programmes have paid me since the last update:
West Finance, Ying Yang Investment, Hydro Funds, Private Investment Club, Funds Wide, HYT Fund,